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Gibber takes its name from Gibberellins, a group of plant hormones that regulate plant developmental processes.

Each year I miss sowing seeds in time for my garden - either because I forget or because I miss my sowing window. After constantly referencing an old gardening calendar I was inspired to make my own app to solve the issue.

Users on Gibber can search for crops by common or scientific names. Results from the API indicate if the crop should be only grown once per season or may be grown in succession. Users may select crops according to their desired planting method (sown indoors, sown directly, or planted as starts).

Selected crops are included on a secondary list where users may export the planting dates and helpful information to their personal online calendars. Planting dates will also appear on Gibber’s on screen calendar.

Technologies Used

  • JavaScript

  • Node.js

  • Express
  • Babel + Webpack

Yards Biodiversity

Plants and algae are the anchors of Earth's Food Web. Without this group of organisms ecosystems cannot function. Planting native and diverse groups of plants while eliminating invasive species can have major ecological impacts both in cities and our rural landscapes.

Yards Biodiversity aims to give users the ability to assess the plant biodiversity in their very own backyards.

Users may search for plants in the application's API, then add plants to their "Biome" - a list of all the plants the user has selected. Users may also create custom plant entries that will be added to their Biome. Using information from the USDA Yards Biodiversity determines the ratio of native, nonnative, or invasive plants in a users Biome. This application can give individuals a better understanding of the flora diversity in their immediate area or be used as a landscape planning tool.

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Technologies Used

  • Django

  • Django Rest Framework

  • Python

  • JavaScript

  • Vue.js




Rest API built with Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and deployed to Heroku.

Utilized by the app Gibber


Rest API built with Django REST framework.

Utilized by the app Yards Biodiversity